Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.


Apply Motivationology in models.
Find opportunity. Create solutions.

Motivationology can be applied in models which make it usable by anyone.



Although not readily known, every person can be a motivator. Whether they are a friend or even a stranger. Pointing to what can be done for solutions is an example of being a motivator. Encouraging and rewarding a person can motivate them. Understanding the reasons and why for a situation and/or feeling, with finding possibilities, is beneficial.

Traditionally, motivators are thought of as mentors, consultants, or coaches, however, anyone can motivate and influence others, without any title, degree, certification, or authority required. In Motivationology, we want people to know that they can be a motivator and create change in other people’s lives.

You influence others with words, actions, and emphasis.




People can highly influence others in motivation. You can inspire others and lead, or you can be helped by other people. Further, with economic aid, networks are important for providing this opportunity. Networks are certainly a model which is important for Motivationology. Organizations, companies, movements, websites, and communities are forms of networks.

Create your own networks, or join others which benefit you. Surround yourself with others who motivate and inspire you. Remove people who bring you down or de-motivate.

If some de-motivators cannot be removed, ignore them, and focus on spending your time with those who motivate you. Interests and activities can surround yourself, either literally, virtually, or visually, with examples of people who succeed.

Think about how people, the society, the environment, and/or the situation affect you or others.

How can this be changed?

Relationship Triage

Relationship Triage is a part of Motivationology theory. Focus on reasons and why, externalizing, actions and solutions to change the situation, strengths, and self-fulfillment. It’s an alternative method to prevent self-death or to motivate in any situation.

Emphasize strengths, externalizing, and solutions. It’s an alternative method to prevent self-death.

You do, in fact, make a difference.

Self-Fulfillment, Resilience, and Motivation. Watch our videos to learn more