Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.


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Ambition is the final tenet since it sets the stage for self-fulfillment and self-starting.

Ambition can largely be a character trait, however, every person can have their own range of ambition. By seeing this inner strength, you can set yourself up for better decisions and paths. Ambition involves wanting a better life.

As with the range of ambition, there is a range of self-fulfillment. People can also increase ambition by knowing that they are self-determined and are like a domino effect in the world’s network. Everything you do can lead to other effects in the world whether small or large. This is why the descriptions of a network or dominoes is used. What you do affects other people. With ambition, you can decide to make better choices. In the end, the hunger for more remains, and this is ambition.