Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

Encouragement & Rewards

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Encouragement and rewards are a well-known part of motivation.

When a person is encouraged or rewarded, they are motivated more to take actions. Encouragement can be social and does not have to involve monetary goods. Rewards similarly can be effective.

The important part about this tenet is that punishment is never motivating, not a part of Motivationology, and is manipulative. Encouragement and rewards cannot be manipulative or punishment when it is for a beneficial reason of that person. Although a person can be encouraged for harmful paths, it is important to encourage and reward for reasons that truly will benefit that person.

Encouragement and rewards incentivize. Useful encouragement will point a person into a decision that will provide them more economic, social, and other types of independence. It will provide them choices.

Use actions, which are the most influential, for the most encouragement or rewards. Use emphasis, speech, and words for other influences. Focusing on strengths, and not weaknesses, is the ultimate type of useful encouragement.

When you encourage and reward strengths, then that person can cultivate more strengths.