Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

Economic & Social Aid

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Economic and Social Aid are high motivators for people to be influenced, and for the better if done effectively.

Economic aid may be more challenging due to financial limitations, but it is highly effective in motivation. It, further, provides independence for those who are given actual monetary goods, which they can then use for their self-choices. This is partly why there are many situations where money or goods are given. Moreover, economic limitations can increase adversity and decrease motivation. Use economic aid effectively to provide people the freedom to choose.

Social aid can be done by anyone and with fewer limitations. Motivation and taking action are examples of social aid. Relationship Triage is another example of a method of social aid. Use influence, actions, words, speech, and leads to encourage someone to be socially aided. Although the other person is always free to do as they wish, you can either benefit them or detract from them.