Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.


Self-Fulfillment is the base of Motivationology
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When you feel satisfaction or that you have achieved something, you can feel self-fulfillment. Instead of being an unreachable goal, everyone can feel self-fulfillment for any task that they complete. It’s essentially getting what you want, whether that is as simple as a meal, watching a video related to your interest, or as large as an idea being put into action.

Self-Fulfillment affects the other tenets.

When a person realizes that self-fulfillment is motivating at all levels, then a person can more easily see how situations, goals, people, and the environment motivate. Further, when you see that you can get steps of satisfaction, then you can motivate yourself and know that you can control the situation – either in part or completely – to get what you want.

Want to use self-fulfillment to motivate others? See what they want in life, and also, you can compare it to what you desire yourself, although they are their own independent person. Encourage them to go for their desires, and also, to get into better situations. What steps can be taken to get these wants? Either literally help them do these actions, or advise on how to do them. You can influence a person in numerous ways, and sometimes, without entirely knowing it until later. Influence for the better!

Although originally a Greek philosophy, we can morph self-fulfillment into something which isn’t an end-game, but a continuous journey. When you focus on desires, then there is motivation.

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