Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

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Blank Slate or “Tabula Rasa” was a theory popularized by John Locke which focuses on people’s experiences and free will, instead of genetics binding a person’s actions.

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With Blank Slate, people are far more equal than with a genetic focus on the world. Instead of focusing purely on genetics and “dooming” people to a certain “set” of actions, Tabula rasa allows for freedom of choice. Imagine if you had been born into a different environment or situation. That environment would benefit you either for better, worse, or possibly similarly.

Searching for John Locke’s blank slate may not show up anymore online, almost, as it was “controversially” put down. In light of today’s harmful theories that a person’s ancestry will limit them to have so-called “disorders,” Motivationology chooses to instead focus on experiences, actions, and equality. Although people have personalities, what a person decides is ultimately up to their free will – not that of a gene or chemical.

When a person is empowered, they should know that THEY, not anything or anyone else, decide what decisions they ultimately take. 

Often, the false dichotomy of the “nature vs. nature” debate occurs. It’s a mix of these, however, nature never determines a person’s future entirely. You make the choices, and you decide.

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By being open to Tabula rasa and “blank slate” – we can realize how empowered we are for changing situations, goals, people, and what we create. What we learn does affect us – but we decide what to do with that knowledge.

Instead of seeing people as already-made frameworks, one can see it is changeable and morphs over time.

“In the fourth century B.C.E., Aristotle originated the idea in De Anima. However, besides some arguments by the Stoics and Peripatetics, the Aristotelian notion of the mind as a blank state went much unnoticed for nearly 1,800 years, though it reappears in a slightly different wording in the writings of various thinkers.”

As with self-fulfillment, Greek philosophy has a high influence on Motivationology with blank slate. It’s time to remember these philosophies.

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