Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

Reverse Training with Senses/Visual/Music, etc!

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Feeling brainwashed/controlled? Reverse train! Reverse training can be done with senses, visuals, music, words, which improve going faster, etc.

You can tell if you are reverse training yourself by seeing if the result of taking in music, videos, situations, environment, and so on makes you feel more independent, empowered, and in control of yourself/environment/your future. It’s then easier to freely think in ways which go against status quos.

The crowd then around you can feel like they are part of “them” (following the status quos or systems) and you are you, but it depends on the person likely.

Reverse training is a new tenet of Motivationology as of today! This makes 33 tenets so far.

Did you ever think that you could not self-train to reverse harmful training or brainwashing downward? Not anymore! You can.

This means, even if you receive hours of lecturing to control what you should imagine, you then can break up that to think independently. It also means, on higher levels, with other motivationology tenets, to reverse train other forms of higher levels of control.

The environment, that you choose, is your control. Distractions, brainwashing, etc can be done to distract, but the music, visuals, and what you listen to in your free time is yours. No one can change that, or they can, but it can be fought against.

Suggested are forms of choices: CDs, videos chosen, MP3s, audio files, self-controlled streaming, photos that you choose to see, people that you choose to directly talk to, etc (imagine the environment affecting you). -> The point is that YOU choose this, not anyone else.

Non-suggested choices (due to less self-control): radios, other people talking indirectly, non-self determined lectures or curriculum. (Block this out if distracting).

Reverse train! It can be done.


What is reverse training? It’s reversing what outside pressures try to do to make a person believe, be controlled, think, feel, or do…