Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

Hit Strength Points, Not Weaknesses

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One part of Motivationology is “Strengths, not weaknesses.”


When we hit points of strength, we can motivate a person and empower them. Weaknesses are glossed over and the strength is pressed on more. Although weaknesses are acknowledged, they are not pressed on.


Today society teaches us in psych to press on weaknesses repeatedly, this makes it easier for people to be lifelong dependents and never “get better.”

It’s like the saying: “Continue to repeat a lie, and eventually they will believe it.”

That’s exactly what psych does by repeating the lie that a person is “disordered” or to continually, over and over again, coerce them to tell the “professional” their present or past issues – that seemingly can never go away in the situation.

They spotlight weaknesses.

In Motivationology, though, we want people to be independent and stronger with or without us. “Better” is something to achieve and do. Leaders create other leaders, not followers.

Instead, we spotlight strengths.

As a result, the person feels better and does more. Realize we aren’t lying to them – we press on their strengths. That’s empowerment, while the other version creates slavery.

We repeatedly press on these strengths over time. That’s how reverse training through us motivating others can also do, if we’re allowed to do it – of course.

We also, of course, listen to action more and real solutions – not enforced toleration. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one doing it – your actions help.

Focus on the future.

Try this and see what happens!

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