Motivationology is the theory with motivation as the main idea.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

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Feel free to ask me for consultation from the Motivationology viewpoint.

I’m always open to give advice and you’ll get a new perspective.


Reflection on this theory:

I experienced the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA in November 2018. I lost my mom, Victoria Taft, in the fire and didn’t think of using my own theory of persuasion. Instead, I used the theory’s tenets only on myself except for voicing my thoughts of the disaster being deadly, the environmental changes, and negativity or warnings about society not responding.

Motivationology is a deep theory which is best for non-natural disaster situations unless it is only used on yourself such as for the survival, environment, and action tenets. It can be hard to concentrate on pushing strengths to persuade or motivate when both people are in danger.

All in all, this idea is best suited for calmer environments which has a longer time. Nearly 4 months later, I’ve been using the theory to recover and mostly focusing on productive work, researching my mom’s younger past, as well as interests. I miss her everyday, but externalizing by focusing on her past and taking actions to resolve problems is best.

I proudly haven’t been involved in psychology at all during this time period. Have I been asked to? Endlessly. However, I created this theory to be resilient. Therefore, I have been.

Although the fire happened in November and took my mom, which was a failure, I had been on a 2 year improvement streak.

My mom wasn’t listening to me or agreeing. There were 2 other people that day saying that the fire wasn’t deadly and that they were not evacuating. I know that the 2nd and last one who hasn’t revealed themselves played a large part. All in all, it was too deadly and too short. That’s not an everyday occurrence.

I’d like to be able to advise and consult others on this theory.

Feel free to ask me and I will especially work on independence questions.

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