Motivationology is the theory that motivation is the main idea for life and decisions.

Externalize, instead of internalize.


These organizations support Motivationology.
Learn more about the proof behind this philosophy.

These organizations validate the need and support for Motivationology.

They further may utilize the entire theory, or part of its tenants.

Hero Motivators and Everyday Psych Victims Project were created by Motivationology’s founder. These 3 organizations work in tandem.

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Hero Motivators

Hero Motivators uses Motivationology theory as its base and inspiration. The 32 tenants weave together in this action and direct help orientated initiative. Networks, economic and social aid, survival, self-defense, and motivation are a part of Hero Motivators media. The Motivator System will one day allow match ups of motivators and motivatees.

The Direct Help Network is an idea which HM wants to hopefully create – to change the paradigm that people cannot help others directly or should not. This capitalizes on the network model, as well as economic and social aid.

When you help others, it can motivate them.

Everyday Psych Victims Project

Everyday Psych Victims Project catalogs and databases proof of victimization by the “mental health” and psychology fields, which shows why an alternative theory is needed. Motivationology focuses more on how other people, society, situation, and the environment affect a person. Further, it has Anti-Psychology as a tenant. This means that if a person focuses inward, they are more easily manipulated and unable to focus outward on how they can change their environment or situation.

“Disorders” re-victimize in endless ways, and Motivationology is against this limitation. Natural reactions and emotions are often affected by known factors – not instantaneous, random alterations in body structure as the rival field promotes.

Throw down this barrier, and see things differently.

Self-Fulfillment, Resilience, and Motivation. Read our articles to learn more.