Motivationology is the theory that motivation is the main idea for life and decisions.

Externalize, instead of internalize.

“Deprogramming” with Motivationology

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True “Deprogramming” isn’t about re-programming, but it is freeing yourself to think freely, as you did before.

Let’s be controversial. Often, I see “targeted individuals” on the internet who never get out of their, view, so-to-speak. None of them believe that “targeting” ever ends.¬† This isn’t true, and it’s all set around negative events, reminding of these events, and starting the cycle repeatedly. It’s done so the person can never move on. Any abnormality which would be reacted to beforehand as an error, is then enlarged into an unbeatable obstacle.

True, some of it may be hacking or interference, however, there are ways to no longer be so sensitive to it that it will wreck your life, just like how you reacted to it with critical thinking beforehand.

Motivationology’s externalizing focus, situations, opportunities, and actions with solutions, mixes well to get a person to think freely again.

People didn’t understand why I thought I wasn’t “targeted” anymore, and so, I had to explain it in a theory. They think I’m nonsense since it was so short. That isn’t true. You have to reverse train yourself, and focus on what you can do to change the situation.

Basically it’s illegal to discuss this, but hopefully it’s fine on this blog, to reveal that anything negative DID happen ONCE in a lifetime.

Do not use “mental health.” I also run EPVP, and people are often very confused about “therapy.” There are huge problems with that. I’ll explain in an analogy.

In government experimentation, they will use symbolism, patterns, etc and environmental effects, and their own training (I’m “guessing” here), to REMIND the victim of what THEY want YOU to think about. “Therapy” and “mental health” is the same – it REMINDS you REPEATEDLY of what happened, AND it also victim twists you in the process to look inward, instead of outward, and calls YOU ‘disordered’ (not that society or the situation is ‘out of order’). That’s why so many TIs and so on get trapped in this… view.

It is focusing on weaknesses (even created ones), by pressing down on them. You want to instead, focus on strengths.

They’ll also use personality profiles of people, so then they can manipulate them with “psychology.”

It’s another reason why an important tenant, right before the drag race car and cheetah, hit the total head, is “Anti-Psychology.” Of course, I already was Anti-Psych before things happened, so that also is an advantage.

Focus on What You Can Do, Change, and Then, Also on Interests & Activities.

What did you like before these events or “programming?” I realize that today, they catch victims earlier and earlier in ages, so that likely they may be unable to remember what it was like before, however, there are topics.

So I suppose, now you are “reminding” yourself, of positive events and good times. Not only that, but you are externalizing for action. You’re “reminding” yourself of how you were before.

Now you use action, and future focusing, to then be resilient. This is how resilience can be built. You minimize the events (instead of spotlighting them), although they were still there. They’re still unjust, however, now you’re likely taking action now to change it to not happen, or pushing outward onto something which can be done.

In a free world, horrible events or imaginations should be able to be said. A good outlet is being able to speak against the injustices, and getting validation is also useful. In the opposing theory, it’s a silence culture, and as I already discussed, it’s manipulative to create permanent dependence.

When horrible placed thoughts or social pressures come up, blast them out with distractions.

The interests and activities – whichever works for you – can blast out the conformism. It can be unbearable to have to feel dependent and not independent. As if you are merely a brick in the wall. With interests and activities, it’s your autonomous choice of what you want to do. Now you are more in control.

For myself, I often will blast with music, to lyrics and people as well who I think are likely good to emulate or learn from. Since often people don’t get encouragement from other people, you can get encouraged from lyrics or music, as if they are talking to you (the audience).

Visuals such as movies and then other stories of resilient people are also useful to me.

When people try to “place” doubt into you, reverse train yourself to ignore them. Use then critical thinking and reasoning to state that the doubt is not correct. Say that they are discouraging you from moving on or upward, you then disobey what they want. However, although not all advice is harmful, often people don’t want people to move forward to overcome challenges.

Barriers aren’t entirely there – a lot of them are cultural and social constructs.

Free Thinking and Non-Conformism is useful in all “Deprogramming.”

Unfortunately, the definition of “deprogramming” claims it is re-initiation. That’s not correct. Question authority and definitions. You’re freeing yourself from social constructs.

Self-Fulfillment, Goals, and Ambition

These tenants work together to show that there is a pathway to something better. Self-fulfillment is about feeling satisfaction. A person should always move toward satisfaction, even in small ways. It isn’t at the top, but at the base. Goals are a part of getting what you want. Ambition states that you have a desire for more. Don’t stop at what people have told you – go beyond to what you want.

This doesn’t mean imagining something unobtainable, but simply, moving upward and being non-conformist. Organize, plan, and do.

How can you change the environment and situation? You can control your environment, even if in parts or small influences.

People can also “program” you downward.

Remove people who program you downward. If you cannot remove them – and they are not unbearably toxic – focus on your goals, interests, activities, self-fulfillment, and more. In reality, people can be very manipulative at times. You can block them out. Eventually, they can leave you alone more because they think you are “better” (ironic).

In the end, there are ways to “deprogram” even from experimentation and almost dying (which people may not believe). It does exist. Think about how you can reverse train yourself.

Focus on strengths, not weaknesses. What are your talents?

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